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Resulting from the USS Cole attack in 1991, we developed and installed the Damage Control Inventory management and Stowage System (DCIMSS) onboard U.S. Navy ships. DCIMSS offers a complete overhaul and restructuring of the damage control lockers and firefighting equipment. DCIMSS is a philosophy and can be customized to any class of ship.

DCIMSS includes:

Phoenix Group has installed DCIMSS on ten CVN 68 class aircraft carriers, 32 DDG51 class destroyers, 1 FFG and 1 LCC. Working within the guidelines of the Fleet Maintenance Manual and Ship Main Program we work closely with program managers and others to plan and execute the installations worldwide in public and private shipyards as well as pier side.

Phoenix Group conducted ship checks of USS Blue Ridge LCC 19 in preparation for upgrading the ships damage control stowage. We developed the installation drawings, assembled a kit of cabinets, bags, and brackets, and trained Ship Repair Facility, Yokoshuka personnel in the manufacture and installation of the tool boards. We recommended, and the Navy approved, the use of epoxy fasteners to mount the tool boards which eliminated the need for gas freeing, painting and interference removal and eliminated disruptions in secure spaces while greatly reducing the cost of the installation.

Phoenix Group also designed and accomplished the installation and upgrade of the damage control stowage of USS McCluskey FFG 41 pier side at Naval Base San Diego.