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Energy Saving Products

GWS Eco-Clamp

The GWS Eco-Clamp™ Fuel Saver is a proven way to reduce industrial, commercial and residential fuel costs! The patent-pending GWS System saves money and reduces emissions by increasing the combustion efficiency of the fossil fuels (such as propane and natural gas) that power our home furnaces, water heaters, household appliances, boiler systems and commercial/institutional/industrial motors, pumps, appliances and machinery.

The ECO-CLAMP is a MAGNETIC HYDROCARBON TREATMENT DEVICE that, through testing and usage over many years, has proven significant savings in fuel costs, along with a reduction in carbon monoxide (CO) emissions. Continuous savings year after year means that we can recommend the GWS ECO-CLAMP System to reduce the fuel costs and lower emissions of any company which utilizes equipment that uses fossil fuels, such as gas, diesel, and propane. WITH ANY TYPE OF EQUIPMENT THAT CONSUMES FOSSIL FUELS, YOU CAN ANTICIPATE A 100% RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT IN AS LITTLE AS ONE YEAR. Along with expected fuel savings in the 10-15% range, your equipment doesn’t work as hard to combust the fuel, and therefore requires less service and maintenance. Combine this with lowered emissions, and the GWS System checks all the boxes. Currently regulated gas emissions from motor vehicles are unburned hydrocarbon (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). Unburned HC and NOx react in the atmosphere to form photo-chemical smog. Smog is highly oxidizing in the environment and is the prime cause of eye and throat irritation, bad odor, plant damage, and decreased visibility. Oxides of Nitrogen are also toxic. CO impair blood capability to carry oxygen to the brain, resulting in slower reaction times and impaired judgement.
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Smart Valve

The SMART VALVE™ is the patented, NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372, precision engineered MONEY and WATER saving device for your water system. This seemingly simple, yet extremely effective variable flow management device solves a number of problems inherent in water delivery. In this age of drastically rising water costs, increasing water conversion and SUSTAINABILITY efforts, it is more important than ever to be sure you are not using more, or paying more for your water than you should. Your solution is the SMART VALVE™. Proudly made in the USA.

The SMART VALVE™ air compression benefit works on all single jet, multi jet, and turbine category positive displacement meters. These make up over 99% of all water meters in use. The science is based upon Boyle's Las regarding gas pressure and volume and Le Chatelier's Principal of volumetric dynamics. The SMART VALVE™ is installed in your water line on your side of the meter as close to the meter as possible. The variable spring loaded plunger maintains a constant pressure on the oncoming water supply. This 'back pressure' manifests itself into a high pressure point on the other side of the water meter. When aire reaches this pressure point, the air becomes compressed and no longer maintains its volume. It passes by the water meter in this compressed state until after it passes through the SMART VALVE™ and soon returns to its original uncompressed state. The SMART VALVE™ does NOT remove the air, it just compresses it so the water meter can't measure it.

The SMART VALVE's only movement function is the compression of a spring and the associated opening and closing of a gasket-less plunger and housing. Acetron GP is self-lubricating and has strength characteristics close to those of steel. The SMART VALVE comes with a 10-Year Manufacturer's Warranty, however the valve should continue to work reliably for much longer.

The SMART VALVE™ is installed on the USER side of the water meter. Installation must be done in conjunction with all applicable laws, codes and standard plumbing practice in your area.

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