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Inventory Management Software


Phoenix Group now offers SENTINEL, a reliable and adaptable department-wide management system that can not only track equipment, but also personnel. Such management categories include purchase, issue, asset location, maintenance scheduling, and more, all on a department-wide scale. The core of SENTINEL is the ability to design the software in order to meet each clients individual needs. This allows clients to form not only a unified picture of all department assets, but also organize and manage those assets across the board independently of the size or operating structure of their department.

Each SENTINEL client has the ability to choose which aspects of the SENTINEL software they wish to utilize, and in the case of clients wishing to have more capabilities than those currently available, Phoenix Group can create additional modules. The software is completely customizable to ensure all aspects of management are met, allowing users to work independently within a single software program department wide that encompasses every facet of their development.

For pricing information, please contact Stephen Clock (National Sales Director) at 757.615.2367 or email at