Phoenix Group web based and on-site training and our curriculum development services use the ADDIE method to measure effectiveness and immediacy of the instruction.

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Phoenix Group delivers classroom and unit instruction Phoenix uses the ADDIE method to prepare and maintain course curricula, surveying students and supervisors to gage the effectiveness and immediacy of the instruction. Phoenix Group provides instructors for US Coast Guard’s CMPlus course and provides instruction to the US Navy for Damage Control Operating Material Software and to the US Navy and US Coast Guard in Chemical, Biological, Radiological Operating Space Item Software. We can help you determine your training needs using proven methodologies and develop, deliver, and evaluate your training.

Phoenix Group provides the County of Chesterfield Virginia with functional skills development and training services in a wide variety of areas including network and enterprise server technology, programming, project management, system/process analysis and Business process management (BPM) and enterprise application integration (EAI). We provide end user skill development and training (on or off-site classroom, one-on-one, and computer/web based training), development of curriculum materials and education in software applications, tools and system administration.

Phoenix Group provides portable training at locations around the world for users and administrators of the Chemical Biological and Radiological Operating Space Item Management System (CBR OSIMS). CNR OSIMS was developed to maximize automated logistics processes tracking, locating, monitoring and overall inventory control and management of critical Chemical Biological and Radiological Defense (CBR-D) for both ships and shore facilities in the U.S. Navy. Phoenix Group has provided this training at OCONUC locations ranging from Japan to Spain, and CONUS locations on both coasts.

Phoenix Group provides training to Army National Guard units in the use of The Sigmon System CBR protective garment for first responders. Phoenix Group provide on-site classroom style and hands on training to Army National Guardsmen in the donning, use and removal of The Sigmon System and the associated first responder CBR protective equipment.