Phoenix Group offers protection, safety and damage control products for ship survivability, fire fighters and first responder emergency personnel.

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Phoenix Group offers a broad array of protection and safety products. Many of our products are critical components in US Navy ship survivability plans and damage control training. Our damage control products focus on accessibility and organization. Specific areas of expertise include: CRASH Salvage Lockers, bags covers, utility belts and flag training sets that meet the rigorous specifications established by the US Navy. We are specialist in the design and installation of Damage Control Inventory Management and Stowage Systems (DCIMSS) onboard CVN and DDG Class Ships.

Phoenix Group is a select distributor of first-responder protection and safety products including The Sigmon System ® Chemical, Biological and Radiological Personal Protection Suits and Kits that provide protection ranging from evacuation to re-entry into a CBR environment. These products are rated for first-on-the-scene responders. Phoenix Group is an exclusive domestic and international distributor of the Last Chance Rescue Filter, an innovative safety product that provides an endangered firefighter/first-responder with the critical time needed for a self-escape or for assistance to arrive.

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